We will be holding one track of programming, plus readings.

Final Schedule

All events will be both in-person and virtual.

Fri6:30 PMMeeting Room BDoes fantasy need giants?Vikki Ciaffone, Ryk E. Spoor, Barry B. Longyear (m), Robert E Waters
Fri8:00 PMMeeting Room AIce Cream SocialAll
Sat10:00 AMMeeting Room BReading — Tris Lawrence Tris Lawrence
Sat10:30 AMMeeting Room ADoes Science restrict science fictionJoe Haldeman, Carl Frederick, Chuck Rothman (m), Peter L Huston
Sat10:30 AMMeeting Room BReading Steve Miller Â Steve Miller
Sat11:00 AMMeeting Room BReading Sharon Lee Sharon Lee
Sat11:30 AMMeeting Room BReading — Steve Sawicki Steven Sawicki
Sat12:00 PMMeeting Room AStar Trek has always been “woke” Andre Lieven, Michael Ventrella, Wayne Brown, J.A. Fludd (m)
Sat12:00 PMMeeting Room BReading Ryk Spoor Ryk E. Spoor
Sat12:30 PMMeeting Room BReading Barry Longyear Barry B. Longyear
Sat1:00 PMMeeting Room BReading — James Cambias James L. Cambias
Sat1:30 PMMeeting Room AReading and interview — Joe Haldeman Chuck Rothman, Joe Haldeman (m)
Sat2:30 PMMeeting Room BReading — Herb Kauderer Herb Kauderer
Sat3:00 PMMeeting Room AGOH Reading — Suzanne Palmer Suzanne Palmer
Sat4:30 PMMeeting Room AReading — Laura Ann Gilman Laura Anne Gilman
Sat4:30 PMMeeting Room BReading — Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams (m)
Sat5:00 PMMeeting Room AWhen we live on the Moon Suzanne Palmer, Herb Kauderer, Nightwing Whitehead (m), Peter L Huston
Sat5:00 PMMeeting Room BReading — Chuck Rothman Chuck Rothman
Sat5:30 PMMeeting Room BReading — Robert E. Waters Robert E Waters
Sat6:00 PMMeeting Room BReading — Barbara Chepaitis Â Barbara Chepaitis
Sat6:30 PMMeeting Room AWhen you identifry with the beast, not the beauty Vikki Ciaffone (m), Suzanne Palmer
Sat6:30 PMMeeting Room BDealing with grief of the changes in fandom Andre Lieven,  Barbara Chepaitis, Tris Lawrence (m)
Sat8:00 PMMeeting Room ATalking New Star Trek Steven Sawicki, Andre Lieven,  J.A. Fludd, Wayne Brown (m)
Sat8:00 PMMeeting Room BBaroness Orczy and the caped crusaders Chuck Rothman, Michael Ventrella (m), Herb Kauderer
Sun10:30 AMMeeting Room AScience fiction in the virtual Magazine era Suzanne Palmer (m), Steven Sawicki
Sun10:30 AMMeeting Room BThe death of the one book a year cycle Barry B. Longyear, Ryk E. Spoor (m), Tris Lawrence
Sun12:00 PMMeeting Room AGetting involved in Fandom Wayne Brown (m), Andre Lieven, Ryk E. Spoor, Nightwing Whitehead
Sun1:30 PMMeeting Room AAlbacon 2023 Planning session Chuck Rothman